Sutton County Commissioners met Monday, September 27, 2021. They handled a rather light agenda including the questioning of Concho Valley Transit and how they are servicing Sutton County.

The commissioners voted in favor of amending the Concho Valley Council of Governments Contract. The county pays $3,141 monthly to provide this service. Sutton County Auditor Maura Weingart reported that she had received complaints about the CVT. This was news to Judge Rachel Duran. Weingart stated that due to a shortage in the San Angelo district, the driver who services Sonora has been pulled to serve in other places, therefore leaving the citizens of Sonora to figure out other means of transportation to appointments. Duran will be speaking to the San Angelo office and seeking refunds for the time the driver has been unavailable.

The county has agreed to continue with the AirMed agreement. The $19,690 costis covered and split between the Sutton County Health Foundation and Lillian M Hudspeth Hospital.

Due to a shortage of space, records are overflowing in their current location. Advertising will soon begin for the construction of the 40x60 metal building with attached 20x60 carport, a concrete slab and rock removal to sub grade as called for in the metal building specifications.

County Clerk Pam Thorp asked for permission to consolidate the polling place on November 3, 2021. Due to low voter turn out on Election Day, all precincts will vote at the Sutton County Annex. Commissioners Bob Brockman, Fred Perez and Lee Bloodworth all agreed to the change.

The commissioners adopted a new set of rules and regulations for the Sutton County Cemetery. The cemetery is currently under the jurisdiction of Love Funeral Home, beginning October 1, 2021 it will transfer over to the county. The rules and regulations have been found essential for the protection of the rights of all property owners. A full list can be found on the website

Judge Rachel Duran presided over the meeting alongside commissioners Fred Perez, Bob Brockman and Lee Bloodworth. Sutton County Commissioners meet the 2nd and 4th Monday’s of the month and all meetings are open to the public