Only a few councilmen were in attendance for the city council meeting on Monday, September 21, 2021. City Manager, Art Fuentes was available via conference call and Mayor Juanita Gomez was available briefly via conference.

The council heard monthly reports and tabled actions.
Numerous department heads gave monthly reports that were all passed unanimously.

Fuentes notified the council via conference call that the loan for the airport fueling system has gone from $25,000 to $50,000. The council previously agreed to borrow against a CD at Sonora Bank. After conversation between attorney Clint Griffin and Tonya Brown of Sonora Bank, the city will take out a short term secured loan and use the CD as collateral. Fuel Me will still take responsibility for any and all fees or interest.

Councilmen Mike Sanchez made a motion to table approving of assessment and collection service contract with the Sutton County Appraisal District. Fuentes recommended holding off on taking action until they see what new changes, policies and/or representatives will be put into place at the office.
Councilman Harold Martinez nominated JoAnn Hernandez to continue her seat on the appraisal board. However, during the appraisal district meeting on September 13, 2021, Hernandez said that she would be stepping down from her position on the board. Hernandez is the individual appointed to represent the city.

After announcing Hernandez would be stepping down due to personal reasons, it was reported Monday night by Griffin that she would like to continue serving in the appointed position.

Tammy Fisher was present at the meeting to go before the board stating that she would love to represent the city. Fisher said she had been approached about the possibility of filling the vacancy.

Martinez looked shocked that Fisher was there going over the goals that she has if she were to be appointed by the city council. He wanted to know who had asked her if she would be interested. Fisher calmly responded that Mayor Juanita Gomez had spoken to her.

Martinez was not happy with that and said the mayor should have come before the council prior to approaching Fisher. The motion was tabled due to Gomez being disconnected from the conference call and being unable able to explain her reasoning. Sanchez and Martinez asked more answers on the matter and said he would like for Hernandez to be present to speak on her behalf.

City Attorney Clint Griffin will be doing some research on a request for annexation that was requested back in 2007. It was reported that the appraisal district had not picked up the property until 13 years later in 2020. The current owners of this property are still looking to be annexed into the city. This action was tabled until Griffin can gather information and look at the annexation laws that were in effect at that time.

Mayor Pro Tem Lionel Cervantez Jr. presided over the meeting with councilmen Harold Martinez and Mike Sanchez in attendance. City council meetings are held the 3rd Monday of every month and are open to the public.