The University Interscholastic League announced a face mask requirement for individuals participating in summer workouts as well as other UIL sponsored activities beginning July 13.

The UIL’s face mask guidelines coincide with Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide face covering mandate issued on July 1.

Not only does the face mask requirement apply to 2020 summer activities, it will remain in effect going into the 2020-2021 school year.

As for summer workouts, schools must require all students staff and visitors to wear face coverings when entering or exiting facilities and practice areas. This applies to those who are not actively exercising.

For example, schools may allow students who are actively exercising to remove their face coverings as long as they maintain a social distance of at least six feet from others who are not wearing a face mask.

However, schools must require students and staff to wear their face covering while getting into positions that allow them to socially distance.

Thus, all school district employees, students over age 10, parents and visitors are required to wear a face coverings or some sort of face shield anytime they enter into areas where UIL activities are being conducted and when not actually taking part in activities.

Of course, the face covering requirement does not apply to schools in counties that meet the governor’s exceptions unless the local school district chooses to implement the requirement.

Nonetheless, the UIL has said it strongly encourages wearing face coverings.

According to the UIL, the following are exceptions to wearing face coverings:

• Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering

• While an individual is drinking or eating

• While an individual is in a pool, lake, or similar body of water

• When congregating groups of individuals are socially distancing at least six feet from each other

• Any other reason or circumstance excepted in the governor’s order